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University Village and The Edge

Commercial Retail, Restaurants & Condo Apartments. This development combines commercial retail shops, restaurants and condo apartments on the same 12 acre site all located next to Auburn University on Donahue Drive and South College Street.

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Our Engineering & Surveying staff use cutting edge equipment & software to complete all your projects. In the field we use fully automated surveying equipment for quick and easy transfer of data. Surveys are tied to the State Plane Coordinate System making future re-tracement efforts simpler. High precision GPS is used to insure precise horizontal and vertical survey control.

Engineering Services

  • Land Development Services
  • Commercial Site Development Design
  • Storm Drain & Sanitary Design
  • Erosion Control Permitting & Inspections

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Land Surveying Services

  • Land Subdivision Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping Control
  • Construction Staking/Topo Surveys

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Parkerson Mill

The Parkerson Mill development provides a welcome addition to the South College gateway corridor to the City of Auburn. This development also serves as the entrance to the Auburn Technology Park North. Landscaping and Architecture were planned to provide a visual connection to future development of adjacent property owned by the developer.

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